I was just reading through the archived thread about the team reaching out to influencers and was wondering if anything ever came off this. I haven’t noticed any content mentioning incognito but I assume that any influencers that plan on covering it are waiting to do so when we are listed on CMC and the like. I can’t wait for more exposure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. But what ever came of the podcasts etc.? Is there a place that aggregates all of the cover that the project gets? I would love to just watch and listen to all the exposures, past and present. Thanks!


DataDash did a YouTube video same with Altcoin Buzz. I’ve been trying to talk to as many content creators as I can to tell them about Incognito. I’ve also been writing some medium articles, social media posts, YouTube comments, and also trying to stop and talk to as many people in person as I can. I’ve been getting some interest in Incognito and have been getting some attention with content creators. I’ve also been talking to some other projects to see if they like what Incognito is doing, and also popping in and out of multiple telegram/discord groups to talk to the team members and community members at the same time.


Can you link the videos you mentioned? I must have missed them somehow. I watch every data dash video, or at least I thought I had.

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Altcoin Buzz Video:

DataDash Video:

Incognito’s Channel with a bunch of videos:

And sorry I forgot that the DataDash’s video was on Incognito’s YouTube channel.