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  • Incognito Wallet - privacy-protecting wallet to anonymize BTC, and ETH
  • Incognito DEX - privacy-protecting decentralized exchange to buy and sell BTC without a trace, without KYC.

What need to do:

  1. Find privacy and blockchain-focused video bloggers or podcast hosts
  2. Share with them why people use Incognito, why it’s important, and why it’s 10x advanced existed privacy solutions.
  3. Convince them to review Incognito Wallet or DEX
  4. Publish a review under this thread and get your rewards on the wallet attached to your profile description.


per video:

  • 2000 PRV - Tier 1 (10k+ views after 1 month)
  • 1000 PRV - Tier 2 (3-10k views after 1 month)
  • 500 PRV - Tier 3 (1k< views after 1 month)

fake views not allowed


  • Language - English (for exceptions DM @andrey)
  • Interest - privacy, blockchain, bitcoin
  • GEO: USA, Western Europe

For any questions, support or suggestions, feel free to DM @elena or @andrey


New example by Nicholas :slight_smile:


I have contacted now Naomi Brockwell. She is doing a great job for the privacy movement in general. I also follow Rob Braxman who brought me here with his video on LBRY. I hope Naomi is going to make a video about our movement.

If you don´t know her, check out her channel. She does really a great job for the privacy community.

Let´s hope she is going to talk about us in order to bring more people with passion for privacy to us.


Hi @sato,
thanks for sharing) Rob and Naomi one of the biggest privacy supporters. @mesquka knows Naomi and told her about Incognito. Now we try to find a way to deliver a Node to her.

Regarding the Rob, we would love to continue collaboration with him. Maybe to highlight this time Incognito DEX as a place to buy and sell bitcoin privately.

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This would be really great if Naomi could get involved. Just saw that pDEX Uniswap is now live, awesome job. I hope someone in the community with the necessary skills can create a great video about this new feature. Uniswap is growing massively right now as everyone knows. So if we can deliver the message that people can trade on uniswap with full privacy with our pDEX, this could be huge. Once the video is online and on LBRY all of us who own LBRY could stake there tokens for this video in order reach as many people as possible. LBRY is great platform for this in my opinion, because they have a lot of privacy minded users.

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I just asked voskcoin to review the incognito blockchain and pdex. He has about 140k subscribers on YouTube.


Hi guys we have @incognitorebels group on Telegram . Who want to be an active member on marketing can join I would like to try to create a group to review and advertise Incognito. Feel free to join if you want to be an active member otherwise there is the @incognitochain group for normal conversations.

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Yep, he already received our Node device. We are in chat with him since last October) :sweat_smile: Hopefully, sooner or later he will become a part of us)


If i am create Youtube video relative Incognito and PRV

And i got 1k+ up to view so can i qualify for reward? Can i create now?

Hey @Ziad is your YouTube channel fits the requirements below ?

Could you please share link to tour channel and some data about your followers GEO and interests ?


Hey guys, I was thinking about what kind of content would be the most useful for us to get privacy-focused users. I did a quick research and come up with a quick suggestion.

Ideally, if we could agree a more extended collaboration at least 2-3 videos, which creators can publish within 6-8 weeks.

  • Vid1 Review Incognito - Anonymous bitcoin wallet
    • Anonymize your BTC
    • Store, and transfer Bitcoin anonymously
    • Buy & sell bitcoin anonymously with Incognito
    • Explore other features in the app.
  • Vid2 Comparison Wasabi wallet vs Incognito wallet
  • Vid3 Comparison Samourai wallet vs Incognito wallet

Important to include into the name of the video the most searchable keywords:
Anonymous bitcoin wallet, Wasabi wallet, Samourai wallet.


Comparations between available technology is what we need now!
DeFi , Privacy, DEX, other wallets for privatize crypto.
All of that must be compared with existing technologies.
And on my opinion we can be better in all those fields.
I will soon be more clear on the comparation campaign! ( As soon as I have time)