Your thoughts on the app: a quick October survey

Hi everyone! We’re now reaching the end of a very busy Q3, so we wanted to check in. How is the Incognito app is treating you? Has it improved since Q2? How do you feel about the new features?

As with all polls, you’ll be anonymous, and only the development team will be able to view your responses. Please leave your feedback on features you have used. If they don’t apply to you, feel free to skip ahead.

1. New Node experience

The new Node interface includes status details and explanations, a total earnings view with a withdraw-all option for multi-node owners, change wifi functionality for Node devices, push notifications when nodes earn, and more.

Node operators – what’s your verdict?

  • Excellent, much more helpful
  • Pretty good, some small issues
  • Acceptable, but needs considerable improvement
  • Worse than the previous version, many major issues
  • Still awful, try again

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2. Bulletin board

This feature was designed to keep app users in the loop, and support them through rapid releases and project updates. It directs users looking for more information to the relevant topics in the community tab.

Did you guys find it useful?

  • Very useful, no issues
  • Pretty good, some minor glitches
  • Buggy, could be improved
  • Poorly executed
  • Clutters my screen, terrible

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3. Cross-pair trading

Previously, pDEX only had Coin/PRV pairs. With cross-pair trading, users can now trade Coin 1 directly to Coin 2, making the PRV intermediary step invisible.

pDEX users – what do you think?

  • Great feature, now let’s get more liquidity!
  • Pretty good, some minor performance issues
  • Average, many bugs
  • Needs big improvements, had major issues
  • Terrible, my problems could not be resolved

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4. Interface

For this section, please consider ease of use and intuitiveness. For performance related comments (speed, errors, bugs etc., please refer to the next question).

  • Intuitive, had no problems
  • Mostly fine, had to learn some behaviors
  • Average, ran into many difficulties
  • Hard to use, had zero idea where to start
  • Absolutely impossible, needs complete overhaul

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5. Performance

Please consider here elements such as speed, responsiveness, prevalence of bugs.

  • Perfect, no issues
  • Generally fine, just minor bugs and annoyances
  • Usable, but very slow and glitchy
  • Poor performance, majorly disruptive bugs
  • Completely unusable

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Next up, we’ll be releasing HD wallet (for better asset and key management), an improved pDEX (slippage percentages and warnings, the return of pUniswap and pKyber), received transaction history, and a bunch more features that we hope you’ll love. We’re drafting the App v.4 proposal now, so please let us know –

What should we build next?

Leave your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks for supporting the product team in Q3. You guys are the best!


It would be helpful if people share feedback in more detail. Since voting is anonymous, a personal message to @ning would be an alternative.

The more input we get, the easier it will be to improve things. Development never stops.


:point_up: yes please!

either leave a comment here, or send me a DM. feedback both good and bad is much appreciated.


The only thing is still annoying me, is the button that says Provide more when you provide liquidity. Is like: I have just provided all the liquidity I wanted to provide, why would I wanted to provide more? And then I search for an Ok button, but there isn’t one.


That’s a good one - def makes more sense for it to be an OK button. Thanks!


The app definitively gets better and better from month to month :slight_smile:
The “Browser / Search privacy-first-app” I guess is still confusing for new users, because it has no content. Maybe we could hide it or show at least a note like “Soon you will find here amazing privacy dApps”


Empty screens are always confusing. The Browser can be used by people who developed their own dApp. Just to test before making it public, or when they have an app for their own use.

Some text to clarify what the section is about/for could make that more clear.


Maybe two buttons? One with “Provide more” and one with “That’s All”.

Provide more does make sense when you are providing multiple coins, or same coin from different accounts. For example, after withdrawing Node earnings.


grafically, a dark version of the app would be perfect. more discreet, more ecological / economical. Already the blockchain is extremely greedy in energy …


Darkmode, would be awesome :+1:


I don’t know if there is a way to have more than only one full node in the Mainnet network, right now it is
If it is possible, it will be nice to have a choice of the Mainnet network Node to use, in order to make the wallet more resilient in case fails or becomes very slow for any reason.


It is good to have multiple fullnodes, exactly for the reasons you state, at the same time, using a third party fullnode comes with risks.

If third party fullnodes are made available in the app, I would prefer this to be through an input field rather than a selection list/dropdown.

When fullnodes are stated, users will falsely assume these are backups run by the Incognito Team, while the team has no control over these fullnodes.
When users have to enter the alternative fullnode url, they should be more aware they are using the fullnode of a third party.

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Yes, having the opportunity for the user to input the fullnode address (or the IP) will be optimal for the reasons you explain.

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I agree with you Jamie, so the idea with a field for an IP input would be great. In this case experienced users could create and use there own fullnodes, as the incognito team is a third party as well for us :wink:


And this way we can help unload Incognito’s main full node.

When trading assets. I ran into the issue of not having enough prv in the balance. If one could allow trading assets, regardless of prv balance, perhaps the prv is always part of the transaction on the backend. Makes for a smoother experience.

  1. Biggest app annoyance is that it seems to default back to the wrong screen after completing a transaction. I have to push the back button in the upper left hand part of the screen multiple times to return to “home”.

  2. Yes, the “provide more” should be simply an “OK”.

  3. The app requires re-logging in immediately and screwing up my place in the app—I’d like the ability to set it to a customized timeout of my choosing. I would set it to 1 minute.

  4. Finally, when trading I’d like to see a fiat representation similar to what other dex’s provide.
    7.271627 ETH >>>> 0.216923 BTC
    ($2,994.60 USD) ($2,846.55 USD) (-4.9439% slippage)
    I’m just making up slippage number for the sake of this representation.
    USD is the base necessity but it would be nice for users to chose their local currency.

  5. Thought of another one—When I click an crypto asset it brings up a log of my shield and unshield transactions but no transaction history as a result of trading on pdex. It would be nice if there could be transaction history exactly how my balance is calculated.

  1. Do you mean in Assets? If so, it defaults to the coin detail screen to show tx info (pending -> complete). this way, users can get final confirmation that it was indeed successfully sent. we thought this seemed more situationally useful than going back to the home screen, but we could of course be wrong - what do you guys think?

  2. [OK]

  3. This one… is a fairly standard security practice (seen also in trust wallet etc.). Navigating away from the app prompts the pincode/fingerprint screen. This is to prevent anyone but you from being able to easily access your funds in the event of an emergency.

  4. I can see your point, but here are some reasons why that’s tricky given the current logic of the app. All prices in the app are based on pDEX prices, using prv as an intermediary (cross-pair). So in the example you quoted, the ETH price in USD would be determined by the current ETH/USDT or ETH/DAI or ETH/USDC pair. I’m not sure if that would actually be helpful for your purposes… and also, which stablecoin should we use? Let me know your thoughts.

Re slippage - there are 2 concepts at play here. The first (understood as the difference in price between the time of request and the time of execution) is already accounted for in ‘max price’ (default 1% slippage tolerance). The trade will go through if it’s that price or better. The second is price impact (less ideal prices for larger amounts) - we are already discussing this internally. I think it’s valid.

  1. Yup, receive history is in the works, should land some time next month.

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback as always!


Some context: for larger pairs, users pay fees in the traded currency. I’m assuming the pair you refer to doesn’t have the option - right now, users are only able to pay fees in currencies with pDEX pools containing over 10,000 PRV. For currencies with smaller or no pools, PRV is the default.

Interesting and useful idea. Given the current pDEX implementation, it has its own pros and cons, but we’ll look into it to see if its viable. Thanks!


@ning Honestly, at this point, any stablecoin, even if it was tied to some specific external listing would be helpful… I dont think in PRV price, so basically all of the numbers listed in the app are gibberish to me… I always have to go back to some other site to figure out what the real value is… so at this point the current solution, while it may be the most straight forward has very minimal usefulness to me. Even if it was tied to a stablecoin price in the pDEX, that would be more helpful that all prices listed in PRV to me.

If the app could allow me to select a PRV/Coin pair in settings, then make all prices related to the Coin of that pair, that would be a suggestion I would make.

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