You have an app update: 3.6.4

Good day everyone! There’s an update available for both iOS and Android today!

Bugs fixed:

  • Squashed some minor bugs

What’s new: Improved the security and user experience

  • Face ID
  • UI/ UX enhancement
  • Address book
  • Support NEO token

Update the app now to enjoy the new features! :sunglasses:


Hey @peter cant find the update, it seems like its not yet available, probably still being approved correct?


Like Chucky, I couldn’t find the update. But my concern is different. I think papp browser still does not exist in this update, too. Is there any ETA for papp browser? @Peter

Hi, it is still pending for approval from Apple. If you are using an Android device, it can be downloaded from the Playstore now.

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Hi, pApp will return with related features. But we are still working on it. Will let you know when the ETA is confirmed.


Hi @abduraman, pApp is back. Let’s update your app: You have an app update:

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