You have an app update:

Hi everyone! There’s an in-app update today!

Bugs fixed:

  • Rewards are shown incorrectly for pNode
  • The app crashes when tapping “Send” on the Home UI
  • Balance is insufficient in the pDEX
  • New account is duplicated with the previous ones

What’s new:

  • Update the error message
  • Update the text for Send/ Receive feature
  • Place popular tokens on top of the list
  • Regular staking for pNode operator

Unstake a Node Copy 2

Update your app, and let us know what you think! :wave:


Very cool :+1:t6:


Hi Peter. I accidentally declined the update when it automatically popped up on my screen. How can I manually update?

So the new update says I can stake my own prv however the only option I’m giving is to unstake the amount how do I add my own prv to my Pnode?

You should be able to update in the App store of your device

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You have to unstake first, to remove the funded stake. After that you will be able to stake again.

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For some reason the update doesnt appear as an Update in the app store, but all I had to do was get out of the app for awhile and then when I went back in, the popup showed again for the update.


I really like the account drop down menu on the wallet tab.