Yet another ETH withdraw failed - HELP !!!

I have waiting for a fair bit of time now and yet another unsheild has failed

please help as the funds are not back into my account


its now 11:22am and still no funds ??

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I’m sure @Peter @Ducky or @andrey will get it sorted out. From the picture it seems to be stuck in chain somewhere. Seeing as its still has a few kinks to work out iys expected sometimes. Sorry for the inconvenience youre feeling bro they got you though


how many times did you try the same withdraw?

Hi @Wany, jumping in your case @Ducky could you help to fix it, and maybe the most important to understand why.

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I sent a note to @Ducky today also. My Eth withdrawal and kyber trade failed.

My funds are missing too.

Not sure what’s happening … a few people are reporting this issue.

Sent XYO to external wallet, got a successful indicator, just checking back after a couple hours and no XYO in either wallet. I did receive another transaction that stated the same transaction failed.


Failed Dai withdrawal and the amount didn’t come back to my wallet.



Hi guys, I’m back :slight_smile:
@JDTrades @davoice321 @Wany @Brandon_Chacon
Please send me a private message which providing those 2 things:

  • A screenshot of your faild withdrawal tx on Incognito app.
  • The external wallet address that you unshield your coin to.

All is retried successfully. Please check your wallet @Wany @JDTrades @davoice321 @Brandon_Chacon :slight_smile: