Xmr limit orders

When creating a limit buy order for Xmr the only option for DAI is on the Eth chain. I have already unified my DAI, is there a way to “ununify” it so I can place a limit order?

Ive escalated this to the devs and will let you know when I have a response.

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Thank you

You better should make your order on ETH(unified)/XMR and then swap ETH for DAI on Pancake trough “apps” section

Thanks for that suggestion. But I currently have stablecoins that I just want to set as a limit order to buy XMR.

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Also I tried that. There is not ETH available in pPancake. Could someone correct me if this is wrong?

I just wanted to follow up and see if the devs responded. Thanks

Hi @slabb,

There are some bad UX on the current app version. We have recognized and resolved these problems in the new version. It has been submitted to the app store and will be released when it is approved (expected next week). We hope it will bring a much better swap experience. Thank you.


Yup you are wrong, search ETH and you will have the unified version displayed

I am talking about a limit order for XMR paying in DAI unified