WSBCoin: A near useless meme tipping coin, using Incognito.

I’d like to introduce WSBCoin, Incognito’s first meme coin, as far as I’m aware, with over ~US$800 (~400PRV) of liquidity.

Website is available at

Let me know if there are any major technical issues with the site, much like the coin, it was put together with low effort as a meme.

WSBCoin is intended as a meme, don’t put any serious amount of money into it.

There is a bot in the Matrix chatroom that will report the current price and market cap of WSBCoin using the !hodl wsb command

Also, due to a typo, the ticker ended up being WSB instead of WSBC

This post was intended to go up months ago, but life things came up and it got delayed.


Thanks for sharing, but to be honest: I never understood meme coins :grin:


I’m in the same boat as you man

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