Wrong shard synchronization

Hey @Support,

Again it’s me :joy: One of my vnodes seems syncing the wrong shard. Here is the screenshot:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 14.29.21 PM

As you see it seems waiting for Shard2’s committee, but it syncs Shard1. As an additional note, the next event is also wrong. It was already “4 epoch” ~18 hours ago. I’ve checked validator rewards and yes, I already earned the rewards. So I think it started to work incorrectly after earning rewards. OR …

There may be a display error in the network monitor website. I also checked today’s log file of the node. Currently, it syncs the txs belonging to Shard1. To test the network monitor, I removed and re-added the validator pubkey but no way.

Thanks for help.


I’ve got same issue with one pnode: it doesn’t show proper status while earning and now it’s stuck at “1 epoch to be committee”. In the same time it is syncing right now to another shard. Also earning history is not updated, I can’t see info for the last time being in committee, but I’ve received my earnings as usual.

@abduraman :wave:t6:
The same thing only shard 0 and shard 7

Screenshot_20210805-164702_Incognito Wallet

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I assume you’re running the newest tag mainnet_20210730_1 ? The shard sync is working ok for me with the newest version.

It is not the newest which is 20210805_1.

Just one node has a problem. The others are ok. In fact, this is probably a display error, not node synchronization as I wrote.

Hi all,
Dont’ worry, your node is working completely fine.
It is the problem with checking the node role, and next event information.
We are resync the fullnode (which provides this information), so it will be corectly display when the process is complete.
Sorry for this inconvenience.


Hey @0xkumi,

Thanks for the answer. Now, there is one more problem. Again my nodes were removed from the website. Should I re-add my nodes or should I wait for some time?