Withdrawing node earnings

Have tried to withdraw prv my node has earned for over a week and still has yet to move from the node to my wallet.

Any ideas?


Last I was informed is that it withdraws when your node is chosen next. Not sure if it has changed from then.

Your refer if to unstaking.
Withdrawing the earned rewards should take maybe 5min at most.

I wish, see attached screenshot. I clicked withdraw and nothing’s happened in days. Usually don’t have to do anything with staking image

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Oh this is a pnode.
You can’t withdraw automatically, it has to be processed by incognito.

Pnodes can take a day or more, and they don’t process over the weekend. At least that’s what I have read.

You need to contact incognito people if it is not processed by Monday.

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I have the same problem, node withdrawal in progress now for two days now! See what happens after Monday.


Is there any plans to formulate a protocol to where withdrawals are not manually processed? Because I’m going on 4-5 days waiting for withdrawal. And it seems antiquated…


@fitz_fiat was referring to what @JFinky2 user said.

pNode WITHDRAWALS, after pressing the button, create an entry in the database, someone at HQ processes those entries manually daily. I will check if there is a delay in processing.

UNSTAKING, (that is different from withdrawing) happens after the next earning cycle.

Sounds good, however, day has come and gone and still no luck on a withdrawal. Am i missing the help window somewhere or do you have to go online to request help?

You are already in the right place to ask for help.
Just received word all pNode withdrawals have been processed.

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Yep, all good!
Thanks Jamie :+1:

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Is there a way to trace withdrawal from pNode to wallet? I withdrew PRV earnings almost one week ago. It cleared my node balance 24-48 hours ago but has not hit my in app wallet. Thanks for advice/ help.

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I’m having the same issue. I know they’re still doing everything manually, and they apparently don’t do anything on weekends, but saying it may take up to 24 hours and it’s been about a week is different.

Everything manually??

Withdrawal of Node (fka pNode) earnings is taken care of manually. There can be a delay, especially during the weekend.

Did you check the account attached to the Node?
You can send me your Node id (xxxx-xxxxxx) in a private message in case you want me to check the status for you.

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It makes sense that pNodes would be done manually. The physical nodes are normally setup where the core team covers the stake cost on each node. Therefore, the % paid out to the individual running the node needs to be figured, checked for up-time and then paid out.

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There was an issue with the pNode withdrawal last week. It was fixed yesterday and most of the pending withdrawals were fully processed. Please refresh your assigned wallet.
Let me/ Jamie know if you haven’t received the funds.

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@Jamie @Peter it’s all cleared up now. Thank you.

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My node has been in the process of withdrawing for a week. Hoping it goes through today.


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