Withdrawal of Rewards

Admin is there any reason why there’s only one option to withdraw total rewards? There’s an option to choose the amount of withdraw for Provision (Liquidity) but none for rewards (compounding interest)? Will this change?

If you need to withdraw a particular amount of PRV you can from the provision and keep your rewards compounding. Could you explain more about your case, why do you need a custom reward for the provision?

In the end, math is the same :thinking:

Hi @andrey, I believe that this individual would like to withdraw a portion of his rewards, instead of a portion of his provision, considering rewards withdrawals tend to be processed much faster.


The question should be why shouldn’t we have that option? The rewards to my knowledge pays faster (payment times/speeds) itself is for another topic but it’s all about adding flexible features for the investor.

Provide is a transition solution between ADD and Liquidity v.2. A quick answer is to keep it simple and focus resources on building Liquidity v2.

I suggest you bring this and other upcoming ideas to the discussion on how the next version should look like and we will try to implement the most desired features)

Hey fellas, I was wandering, why is it taking much longer than usual to withdraw the rewards from the liquidity. My transaction is still pending since 7:00am EST.

Any help would be awesome


Hi @Heart8reak, could you please provide its ID so we can further check?

@Peter hey buddy, I just saw it was successful, but it took longer than normal to complete the transaction.
Is this going to be the new norm?

hey @Heart8reak, according to Provide conditions reserved withdrawals time is up to 3 days.

This time will decrease onc single side liquidity is implemented on mainnet.