Withdraw USDT reward from pNode

I’ve tried withdrawing my usdt balance twice. It never withdraws. Just initiated another withdrawal. How can I see why it’s failing?

Hi, where is your usdt? Where do you withdraw it to? Any screenshots would be helpful to check.

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Sorry I really wasn’t specific enough. I’ve tried withdrawing from one of my pnodes. I don’t see an error anywhere. I just see withdrawal in process for at least a day and the the USDT is still sitting on my pnode.

Tx fee rewards such as pUSDT are not (necessarily) withdrawn during a withdrawal request. These coins are only withdrawn when there is a sufficient amount to accommodate the network fee for withdrawing these coins.

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Hey you have to have a minimum of like 0.000001 pUSDT or something, when you have the minimum to withdraw in any amount it’ll auto withdraw. Make sure you have the coin in your wallet list, if not, go to your wallet, scroll down, click on the search button, and add the coin, make sure it has the green checkmark next to it.

Pnode withdrawals are done manually for now, later on they will be automatically done.

No manual withdrawals are done on the weekend. So, if you initiate friday, expect it monday. Done monday morning, expect it normally in a few hours but latest tuesday morning.
Hope that helps.