Withdraw PRV rewards, not showing up in Anon wallet

Did withdraw of single digit PRV rewards, it has been hours, and still not showing up in Anon wallet.
How does one check the withdraw status?

Where did you withdraw it from? Your node? Provide? It would be in that wallet. Not anon.


Hi @jamessmith, Does it get processed now? Could you share some more details about that withdrawal? Any screenshots will be helpful.

took a few more hours to show up.
Why did you say it would not be in anon? I withdraw it from Provide. It did end up in anon.

If you withdrew it from Provide it should have shown up under your “pStake” provide key account and not your “Anon” key account unless you then transferred over to the Anon key from the pStake account

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hum… but I’ve done a few withdrawals from Provide and it always comes to Anon. So… I don’t know.

Hey @jamessmith, let me jump in and help clarify things for you. :relaxed:

The mechanism of staking via Provide tab is to define your funds by keychain. That means, your reward will always be sent back to the accurate
keychain that you’ve used to stake your funds from.

Example: if you initially stake your PRV from Anon keychain, then when you make a withdrawal, your reward will be deposited to Anon keychain. That’s also how your case looks like, correct?

Let me know if you still have any concern. Happy to help! :smiley:


That is exactly the way it works…tis why I keep my Provide tokens under the Pstake key… :wink: :sunglasses:

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