Will there be a Go SDK

Hello all,

I was wondering, does the team have any plans to create a fully featured Go SDK which isn’t just RPC based, i.e. creating of transactions locally and broadcasting them such as it currently is with other coins such as Bitcoin / Ethereum.

Since the main core is made in Go I figured this would exist, I attempted a shot at it myself but don’t fully understand the backend and it was a bit of a headache trying to create a library with only some parts of the main core.

I think for the team it wouldn’t be too hard to do since they understand the project and most of it is already there, it’d just be nice as it would allow a lot more backend developers (i.e. myself) to create projects for Incognito.

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@disco current go-sdk (https://github.com/incognitochain/go-incognito-sdk) not yet support build local raw data before send to the network. if you want need inspect the code sdk to get function inside.
the SDK still in develop, we’re refactor to like standard as other chain.


Thanks for the update, looking forward to when it finishes full development so I can get some projects going :sweat_smile:

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I just wanted to add more information about Incognito SDK that will be exposed to the community when we launch Privacy V2 in March. Basically, there will be a few libraries that developers may use according to the development environment:

  1. Client side
  • Web environment: a javascript SDK along with a web assembly library.
  • Mobile environment: a javascript SDK along with a Go Mobile library.
  1. Server side: Golang SDK like @binh said above