Will the launch of pDEX v3 have any Impact on Existing RPC Calls?

Hello, will the launch of pDex v3 have any impact on the RPC calls?
Rpcs like authorizedsubmitkey, getbalancebyprivatekey to be specific? @sid

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No, only pDEX-related RPCs will be affected. Some will not be usable, some will be replaced by new ones.

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If anyone wants RPC document, here will help you somehow


I have some questions. @trungtin2qn1

1- What is the use of NftId in AddOrder/WithdrawOrder RPCs? Will the users be able to choose one of some NFTs as a reward for putting a limit order (i.e. providing liquidity somehow)? If so, it is reasonable in AddOrder RPC but why does it exist in WithdrawOrder RPC too?

2- I think pDEX v2 and v3 will coexist as Uniswap v2 and v3 do. However, since most of liquidity is managed by the team via Provide feature and it will be transferred to pDEX v3, pDEX v2 will be illiquid as the other people withdraw their decentralized liquidities. So you will also disable (or already disabled) adding liquidity for pDEX v2. Am I correct?

3- I think the trader will pay only a trading fee (except the network fee) above a predefined minimum percentage and she does not need to know the underlying fee structure. pDEX v3 will divide that fee into two: one part for LPs (LP fee), one part for the core team (Protocol fee). Am I right?

4- I think the owners of Orders (i.e. limit orders) will not pay anything other than network fees. Am I correct?

5- I see FeeInPRV parameter. If no token of a pair has a pair with PRV and FeeInPRV is true, how will the fee in PRV be calculated? For example, I will sell some DASH for some ZEC using DASH-ZEC pair and I want to pay the fee in PRV. However, let’s assume that there is no indirect (e.g. DASH-MATIC and MATIC-PRV) or direct (e.g. DASH-PRV) trade path to PRV for these tokens.


  1. NftID present for ownership of order, WithdrawOrder will burn nftID for proof of ownership for order which user want to withdraw
  2. we will disable all metadata for pdex v2 except withdrawLiquidity and withdrawFee
  3. pdexv3 fee will divide into 3 parts: LPs, core team and staking pool (if have)
  4. Yes the owners of orders only pay network fees
  5. When user wants to pay in PRV, that sell token need to have a pair with PRV example (sell DASH for ZEC in pair DASH-ZEC and pay fee by PRV only when pair DASH-PRV is available and liquidity in this pool need to be greater than threshold)
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