Will node js sdk work now?

Hello, we are planning to build rest api for our platform which should be using incognito network as its base.

I’m trying to get it clear that, Is node js sdk deprecated or we can still use it to build applications?

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You can use NodeJS child process to execute the Incognito CLI commands



We only have one official Golang SDK for now and the Javascript SDK is deprecated (all code of Incognito app is open-source and you could look into it to see how to use libraries/functions though).
@min0r suggested a really smart workaround above, you may consider it too. Of course, having a JS SDK along with good documentation would be more convenient for devs to build pApps, we will update the JS SDK when we find the time.

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I’ve used the Incognito CLI to build a desktop wallet, not done yet
You can find the source code here for your reference https://gitlab.com/min0rminer21/incognito-desktop-app/-/blob/master/src/main/cli/incognito/method.ts


We have planned to go this way.
Thank you

Does cli can do all things like we can see in app?

The CLI tool is not totally match with what the app is offering but it supported all things you need to interact with Incognito network.

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I will look into both the approach thank you.