Why Did Incognito Kill My Node?

What has happened? I got a suggestion to update my node. I have 49 PRV I cannot withdraw. Although it is online and has an IP address, there’s a gray dot next to it. Says I need to have like 1750 PRV to stake now. What if I don’t want to stake any of my holdings??? I like the way my node was working for the past few years. It’s not cool to have this $400 device and no longer be able to reap rewards. Should I just withdraw all of my coins and give up on Incognito now??? I am VERY unhappy about being forced to stake 3k worth of PRV to gain anything from this chain. Can anyone explain to customers why this happened, and can it be reversed? Forcing staking is like forcing vaccines. Fix my node please…

Forcing staking is like forcing vaccines

wow ok :man_facepalming:

being forced to stake 3k worth of PRV to gain anything from this chain

That’s the whole point of proof-of-stake networks. One eth2 validator costs over $100k btw.

On a serious note, your pNode was likely misconfigured and has been slashed due to bad performance (nodes shouldn’t be earning rewards if they don’t vote properly in committee).

The stake has been returned to the core team which manage these nodes, so do message @Support with the code at the bottom of your pNode and they will get it sorted.


Please read over the following FAQ regarding slashing/re-staking to have all your questions and then some answered:


if you need teamview to help,
ping me telegram:

[email protected]

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Thank you, Adrian.

I guess you are not @Support?

I have sent an image of the QR code before, but can’t find it in my older messages anymore. If I email @Support, will they automatically know why I am sending photos? Not trying to be difficult, but I have had 5 and a half ETH stolen from me this year, so I have to be careful. I don’t want to do anything wrong.

Thanks again for whatever help you can lend.

Hello @Digi-TechPro,

Please send a message directly to @Support with the following information

QR Code: (in format ####-#####)

You can find the QR code in your Incognito app under the power menu.

Both Validator keys can be found by going to your pNodes IP address at port 5000. Example


Uploading: My_Node.jpg…

I am currently not in Atlanta where my node is setup so I cannot access my node’s validator info without being on my home network.

QR Code: 5895-527417

Can anyone help despite the fact I cannot access my node?

The only way to do anything is if you can get someone to setup something like TeamViewer so you can get remote access to that network.

I have TeamViewer on a few PC’s at home. I will try to see if I can get connected. The PC may be offline.

If I cannot, I guess my node will no longer continue to process transactions or earn me anything, right?

It depends on the Sync State of the node. Your previous posts indicate it is not working correctly, so probably safe to say no longer earning for right now.

validator key


Validator MiningPublickey


Just checked. Your beacon is stalled so therefore your node is not considered a healthy node on the network.

What do I need to do?

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I tried updating the firmware, Restarting Docker and Rebooting sofar and nothing is working to get this node active again…

Here are the logs


You have a stalled Beacon. You need to remove that data and sync from scratch or follow our guide for bootstrapping.

Here is a list of all useful information for node operators:

I did everything. Still shows Slashed, but says “Beacon Syncing” now. What else can I do? Is my Node fried?

Yeah - I cleared the beacon and all shards. Plenty rebooting and restarting docker too. Still not working. I hope maybe someone on your support team can make it work again. The PC I used to access the node is running TeamViewer 10. I have connection info for TV to give to whomever will have a look at my device - if that can happen…