Where is add liquidity button and Tokens Issued on Incognito?

Up till now there’s no correction to Incognito Verified Coins that doesn’t shows price, another problem has shows up, we can’t access add liquidity tab and FBY Rights Coin is not showing on the pDex.

Please, I the people in my community that wish to trade my coin can’t access it, what’s the meaning of using this incognito chain?

Please, show me remove Liquidity Button and let me remove my liquidity!

@duc what’s going on here? If pDex 3.0 is not working yet I advise we roll back to formal one before we begin to loose interested and investors.

On our website we said people who buy our coin should be putting incognito wallet address but now I will like to remove it from our site because it seems I can’t understand this system again!

@khanhj where are you?
@Support what happened?
@Jared let’s rise up to this challenges on time! Delay is Dangerous!

You will need to create a custom pair.

This has to be approved. I will reach out to the devs about having FBY coin added.

Reference this post to remove pDEX v2 liquidity.

pDEX v3 (phase 1 of 2) is working as it should (minus small hiccups in the app).

Delays are inevitable in life.


In actual facts, if you people will listen to advise, when you know that V2 and v3 will not interact with each other and that it will be hard for ordinary people to remove their liquidity after the roll out of v3, you should have announce to the whole community that they should withdraw their liquidity before rolling out of v3.

Please, it’s good to be guided and transparent, this is community of people from every walk of life, we need to be opened!


If you said so man @Jared and for your information delay might be inevitable as you’ve said, at the same time it can be avoided by the great minds, don’t use that as an excuse to do what is necessary on time to avoid errors and trouble!

All @Support Team Members should take note of that because I will never accept it’s inevitable aspect to be slow in what ones supposed to do on time, never!

I must agree with this point, it’s madness that you did not put pDEX v2 withdraw in the new App. At least under the “more” options.

You can’t expect normal users to all use cli tools, or everyone to contact support.


I agree that it would have been nice to have been told to remove liquidity first, or have a way to have it removed using the new app - Support was very helpful in using the cli tool to remove my v2 liquidity.



In order to get your coin pools available on the app, you will need to create them yourself in the app and provide liquidity. Once you have done so please let us know and we will verify that pool to be displayed in the app.

Just an observation and a question. Why is it called pDEX? Possibly Decentralized Exchange? :wink:

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pDEX - privacy Decentralized EXchange.

I see your point, however, anyone can create any pool they want and it will be immediately available to the Incognito network. However, the APP (not network) has built in safe guards preventing malicious actors from running pools with the sole intent of causing users harm.

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So, if that is the new development, you will have to help remove my liquidity from the former Add Pair!

Have you help make FBY Rights shown on the pDex?

Users have to remove pDEX v2 liquidity on their end, it is not something we can do for you. We can, however, assist you with it. If you need further assistance please send a message directly to @Support.

FBY Rights coin is available in the app, however, un-tradable until you set up the trade pools as mentioned above (still required) and send us the coin ID (which I see you’ve done).


But since the whole @Support knows this can’t be easy and comfortable with most of us, I think they should go ahead helping us remove it without given us so much headache and stress since we are not at fault on the issue.

Well, at @Support kindly help me remove PRV/FBYR Liquidity from pDEX v2 so that we will get it on pDEX v3 to keep FBY Rights Coin tradable on pDEX v3.