Where did the PRV Stake go?

I updated the app this mourning and I can no longer find the PRV Stake anymore. Anyone know where to find it now?



Hey! So since the new app update your previously staked tokens should now show up under the Provide tab and in the Pstake keychain. Let me know if you were able to find them :slight_smile:


Im having problem with this too. If you installed the wallet new. It will automatically create a new wallet with new pstake. And you can’t check your balance

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Hey @philipjohn If you installed a new instance of the wallet you will need to import your previous wallet keys in order to be able to check your balances and access your old wallet.

First go to, the Keychain section of the wallet, inside keychain you should see the import button.

Click that, add your private keys to the wallets youve had before and your balances should show up there.

Hope that helps, and if it didnt feel free to reach out.