Where are desktop wallets ??

I like this project but im disapointed to see there is no desktop wallet, or we just have a extension browser makes the wallet so insecure. We need desktop wallets because a phone is too vulnerable and the application is very very slow and consume many ressource i can feel the heat of my phone chip


Hello @hoddling,

Non-phone based wallets are on the roadmap. However, right now the devs are all focused on decentralization and a new better version of pDex.

there will have local node option ? because were also stucked on one node so not anonymous on logs

I’m not sure what you mean by local node option?

I think he means a desktop wallet with provides the users with a full node option.

Until the desktop wallets are ready, you have some options (workarounds):
1- If you have a Mac with M1 chip, then you may run iOS app on your Mac.
2- If you have a Mac without M1 chip and a little development experience, you can clone the wallet source code from github and follow the instructions to run it. Not so difficult.
3- You may use Android emulators to run Android app.

With the option 2, you may plug the app into your own fullnode by modifying the source code.


yes the problem is there is no native wallet for linux or windows and im not on mac

i want a local full node whos download the chain and where i can stream my tx myself on chain

Hi @hoddling,

There’s no desktop wallet atm. However, there’s a CLI tool (with limited functions) if you don’t want to use the mobile app.

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Android emulators do not require Mac.

yes, full node. As I said, there is no product integrating both wallet and full node yet. You have to set up your own environment. There is a post showing how to set up a full node on the forum. Then using go-incognito-sdk-v2 or CLI-tool, you may send RPCs to your own full node.

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hello there, we thought so too so we are working on one, it still in very very early development.
BTW, we are an independent team outside of the core team, just some friends interested in this project, we’re currently doing this as a side project so we’re hoping by the end of the year we could bring something to the community.


Glad to hear that.