when is provide being removed?

rewards for holding certain crypto. If you provide what will be the replacement for it. i have crypto on somewhere else and they give rewards.


Hey, thanks for being here, we’ve been working on a new pDEX for a while, the design for its protocol was complete, the thing left is designing UI/UX as well as backend services for the Incognito app.

A proposal for explaining the new protocol will be published today (sorry it delays a bit since we changed the design significantly) and its ETA is in 2 months. In order to make the transition as smoothly as possible, I think we still maintain Provide for one or two months after the new pDEX’s launch.

Basically, the new pDEX will offer a sustainable and efficient way for liquidity providers to earn from their investment. Also, it will offer a better trading experience for traders with a hybrid of customized Automated Market Maker and Order Book for slippage reduction. I’m really excited about the changes, stay tuned. Thanks.


Provide might be taken away???

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