What's the difference between Incognito and Ren?

Both are trying to bring privacy into DEx, what’s main difference betwee them?
How do Incog. team see Ren?

There is a good article in Cointelegraph from April 2020 edition…I happen to have stumbled upon it you might want to check…could give some insight…not sure…I had not had the chance to tell the Dev team or moderators here about the article…I paste link in this reply and if moderators or dev team can advise me about me posting the link to it…I will immediately remove it for well I do not wish to be posting a link that is invalid…let me know…Thank you https://cointelegraph.com/news/the-incognito-project-will-give-ethereum-defi-monero-like-privacy

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Thanks, I think any article about Incog. is welcome here, just feel free to post it.

Hey @jindouyunz here is very good comparison, and explanation of the difference.