What's the deal with outchain fees on XMR?

It looks like as of at least November of last year, unshielding XMR only consisted of a negligible “Inchain fee” of basically PRV dust.

And then it appears that starting in December, there was an “Outchain fee” of XMR in addition to the PRV. This outchain fee seems to actually increase as the amount being unshielded increases. I have never heard of this. How/why should the amount of a transaction affect the necessary fee for entering it on the blockchain?

What’s more, I’ve seen this fee be as high as nearly 0.5% of the entire transaction, while the average XMR transaction fee on the blockchain has basically been around $0.01-$0.05 for the last 3 years.

What is the cause for this?
And why is this outchain fee not included in the CSV export file?


The team has added a privacy fee for unshielding transactions. It is equal to %0.3 of the amount but , as I know, it has also maximum cap. That fee is mainly coming from the management cost of the unified coins/tokens.

In my testing the fee varies depending on the transacted amount, seemingly capped at nearly 0.5%.

  1. Where was this fee announced/documented?
  2. Why is this fee associated with a coin that isn’t part of the unified coins?
  3. Why is it not on other coins, like LTC?

Cap cannot be a ratio, otherwise it cannot be a cap :slight_smile: As I remember, it is in terms of USD. I checked out just now. Unshielding fee is 0.0307 XMR (%0.3 + network fee) for 10 XMR but for 100 XMR, it is ~0.1982 XMR (which is so less than %0.3).

  1. Dunno. I know this from my private support questions (5-6 months before) and I’ve shared in Telegram and here a few times.
  2. Dunno. Team’s choice. You may try to use DAO to change it.
  3. This is not specific to XMR.

Cap cannot be a ratio, otherwise it cannot be a cap

Yes, it can. I don’t recall the exact numbers, but as an example:

  • A required minimum transaction amount of: 1 unit
  • A sliding fee that increases non-linearly as the transaction size increases. (i.e. the fee increases, but becomes a smaller percentage of the transaction)
  • A required minimum fee amount of : 0.005 units

This is literally a fee cap of 0.5% …as in, the greater the transaction size, the greater the nominal fee, but 0.5% is the greatest percentage the fee can be.

That being said, I didn’t say it was specific to XMR. I asked why it wasn’t present in other coins like LTC.