What should the final state of a correctly set-up node look like on Node Monitor?

Hello! I just started the syncing process with a brand new node (physical hardware which I think is a pnode?) a few days ago. Right now this is what reading on node monitor.

-Can someone help me understand if I’m on the right track and just need to wait longer for it to sync?
-Definitely I have yet to see the staking button in order to stake the 1750 prv I am reading is necessary. Do you have to wait for the system to sync before you stake?
-finally is there an article that shows the final state of a correctly set up node? And what that looks like in node monitor? I’m trying to determine if I need to take action or if everything is fine and it’s just a waiting game at this point.

Thank you so much.

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Tempestblack…Hi there @Joc Joc…from the image you posted everything looks fine…both the Beacon and Shard 1 are currently showing as being in sync and maintaining said sync…the Node will be in committee…which is the earning stage…in 103 epochs…each epoch is a couple of hours long so you have a bit of a wait before the nodes goes into its earning phase…just be patient…I do have a question…is the node hardware supplied by you or is it a node with hardware supplied by Incognito?.. :sunglasses:
By the way as for staking…that is accomplished via the Incognito app on your phone… :sunglasses: