What other wallet do you recommend?

Celsius has this security feature, where you can only withdraw to whitelisted addresses. Newly added addresses don’t work for 24 hours. So, can’t Shield into Incognito with an address that expires in 2 hours. I’ve looked, can’t figure out how to turn this security feature off.

I’m thinking to get around this I’ll need to use another wallet as an intermediate step on way to getting BTC into Incognito. Any recommendations?

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I would recommend you „BlueWallet“ or „Trustwallet“.


As a normal wallet i would use Trust Wallet .

  • Interoperable with all the blockchains almost.
  • daaps browser
  • stacking services
  • NFT wallet (erc721 etc…)
    -Easy to use for DeFi and connect to smart contract

For privacy layer (MAINNET) use Mycelium Wallet.

I think you can also store ERC20 and other tokens , i mostly used for BTC.
You have many nice features and services inside and you can connect it through TOR and it uses one-time-address.

Both wallet are pretty secure for long term crypto storage


Hi @Rekonn, while the best way to shield crypto on Incognito is still being discussed, I would use Trustwallet as others recommended above.


I’m using metamask, pretty good


@Sai_Sai Not really, hard to use on phone, and the fee is too high


Does anyone know of any privacy focused ethereum wallets? Something that metamask or walletconnect is compatible with but uses TOR & and not infura, for example?

I downloaded Mycelium Wallet and it seems to be for bitcoin only, unless I’m missing something.