What is the best privacy alternative to WhatsApp Payments?

Whatsapp messenger recently updated its privacy policy. Whatsapp will share my personal and financial information with its other products. This new privacy policy of Whatsapp forced me to look for an alternative to this messenger. I chose Signal messenger. But I used Whatsapp payments. Can I use a Signal with Incognito wallet for private payments?

I am new to this community. I recently became interested in privacy. I am interested in secure and anonymous payments now. How can I use Incognito wallet with an anonymous messenger such as Signal? Thanks for your help!


Integration into signal is currently in development. It should be available soon


@Thriftinkid, thank you for your reply! Do you already have integrations with other anonymous messengers? Which ones?

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There are a few builder apps that work with telegram and discord depending on what you want to do. You can check out existing apps here