What if we could use BinanceSmartChain (BEP20 token)?

What you guys think about integrating BSC on incognito?

We could benefit in many ways:

  1. We could benefit from lower fees on Shielding/Unshielding and after also outside Incognito

  2. We could apply for a launchpad on Binance to get listed as the only privacy interoperable network.

  • Have our token listed outside of incognito itself (More uses cases and visibility)

  • Get some financing

  • Give to them the possibility to have Incognito as a bridge for privacy for them customers

  1. We will also open the doors to new developers

  2. We will attract more liquidity

We could ask them to make a poll on how much does people care about privacy on the crypto sphere

They recently added for the launchpad the project Secret Network working on privacy smart contract.

Another thing is that we should push more on our products :

  • pDaaps : they are not even listed on the dappbrowser or on the forum (that someone can find fast)

  • Partnerships: Bridges,teams,shops we don t even have a comprehensible list of incognito partner or ecosystem

  • We should point on on privacy by default, interoperability, privacy DEX, smart contract

  • Improve the website and the forum : they are incomplete and difficult to approach from first impact

To make an example: on Products we have just few dapps or products and the interface is not so understandable as this one for example: https://cosmos.network/ecosystem

We could be the best privacy project and the most complete one.


This is Enigma project (listed in Binance). It was rebranded as Secret Network. Here are my initial insights:
1- It is based on Tendermint / Cosmos engine. So, it has DPoS consensus. Some can be a validator, some can delegate their stakes to the validators. In other words, validators have to run a machine as a node. Delegators earn money by just staking, don’t need any machine.
2- Its native coin (SCRT) has not a fixed supply as PRV has. SCRT has inflation.
3- They implemented their own private smart contract solution as Ethereum did. Incognito’s solution is to encapsulate the bridged network(s)’ smart contracts.
4- Their short term plan is to set up bridges between Secret Network and the other blockchain networks. This makes them our direct competitor :slight_smile: but they have not any bridge yet.
5- To be honest, their first-layer tools (explorer, wallet vs.) have more alternatives and more complete. (Updated: 2020-12-03T21:00:00Z)
6- To be honest again, they seem more professional. At least, in the presentation layer :slight_smile: (Updated: 2020-12-03T21:00:00Z)
7- Since Secret Network are in Cosmos ecosystem and the networks in Cosmos ecosystem are mostly interoperable, they have more potential for speedy growth.
8- Their forum has ~330 members while our forum has ~1000 members. However, some of our members may be spam since the team mentioned spamming previously.
9- Their forum has so little activity. (Updated: 2020-12-03T21:00:00Z)


I hate that so many other “similar” projects get so much attention yet Inc. get’s nothing. I feel like a broken record on twitter as much as I shill the project to just try to bring awareness and adoption. I have been blocked by a lot of accounts just because one look at my profile makes me look like an incognito bot :rofl: . People need this project now more than ever.


is it about the way they develop and present the project!
and is it also about the people involved on it
incognito have a quite different approach to both but with some improvement i believe everything will come! Now we are still test in production phase, next year we gonna be stable and bigger and with some work we could reach all the other projects!

I think is about both. We have more developers , more products and more fundamentals than the other project but we lack from structure , presentation, marketing.

I think , as developers here already worked with Binance Smart Chain , we should apply for a launchpad on them platform and at least check what we are missing.
We can actually improve website and forum.
we should have a daapp store
But another thing is also about the coin itself that is MAINNET.
Many projects launch first their BNB or eth token.
If the team and the developers will apply for a binance launchpad would be nice!