What happens in Support?

Hey everyone,

I should write this since really annoying and unprofessional. My XMR assets got stuck nearly 17 hours ago because of the app’s long-lasting bug while unshielding: First, a transfer is performed, then an error occurs, and finally unshielding fails. What’s the result? The balances of your both source and destination address are 0. You cannot access them. So where are the assets? They are in the temporary Incognito address accessible by a member of the core team. This bug exists in all bridges (maybe just in trustless bridges).

Previously, this situation was fixed quickly since there were Support members in nearly all timezones. Yesterday I noticed that all Support members are in Vietnam. Ok, I sent PM to Support and started to wait for someone to wake up and to push my transaction. Up to now, this didn’t realize and I’ve learned that just one member can fix the issue and he is in hospital. The result: Support said that I should wait for “at least” 18 hours more. Does the team think that this is normal and professional?

I’m here for more than 1,5 years. Two problems of Support couldn’t be solved “permanently and consistently”, and there still is no strong indication that they will be solved: 1- If the problem occurs after the business hours, you should wait for the next day (or Monday). I think the community tolerates this to some extent. I wish there was a better solution. 2- Second and the most important. There is a bottleneck at the employee who will solve the problem. Now, in my current situation, there is no other employee than just one employee and he is sick. (God bless him) If he dies, what will happen? Will my fund be lost?

When does the team consider solving these two problems?


Wow…Ummm @abduraman bro…I hear you and thank you for making the whole community aware of this issue and weakness in the way that the dev support team is currently handled and setup…You have the patience of Job and bless you for it indeed…many another would have blown their top…lol…but back to the issue of how this shortcoming on behalf of the dev team not having a second person there to back up the first individual that is supposedly the only person that can push your trade thru…that is absolutely outrageous and well if that be the case well indeed lets hope for the return of said person and that they are in good health…now for the status of Incognito well I can tell you this much…this coming out of only one person handling this push matter will make many here very hesitant about making any trades until this problem is addressed and resolved…ugh…sorry bro… :sunglasses:


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@Support I have the same issue. Please inbox me.

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This needs to be addressed.

At the very least if the team is not going to fix the bug anytime soon there should be 24 hour support for withdrawals.

There is no reason only 1 person should be able to push these transactions out.


Hey @Matt6412,

It seems that your post is flagged but I’ll answer you. I do not agree with you. My critics -as a senior community member- are for the project to be better. I trust the team and I’m aware of their weaknesses/strengths. I already know many issues you discovered just by you (or someone else). I examined many parts of the code. I wrote some of my findings here previously.

Yes, the strong decentralization should have been their most prioritized subject. For example, we shouldn’t need that Support account. Our need to Support account is a concrete indication of the centralization. However, I know that this project is a real research and development project. It was unique up to the near past. From some points, it is still unique. I think and I hope Incognito will be better soon.


Indeed :+1:t3:

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My problem has been solved :slight_smile: The eth network was just busy, so my transaction was slow and got stuck. Thank you for helping @duc !


Damn straight and well said @abduraman…now that is a post indeed…:+1::100::sunglasses: