What does the team plan to do with the airdropped UNI?

Uniswap just launched their governance token UNI. And it got me thinking. Since Incognito has integrated Uniswap, do they have access to the UNI airdropped to the addresses of the platform? If so what do they plan to do with it? I vote that they should create a liquidity pool for it on the pdex and airdrop the rewards to the community or just airdrop them to the community without creating a liquidity pool. I’m not sure what the best thing to do might be but it’s definitely something we should discuss.

What do you guys think?


I think it should be liquidated and funds go toward more development.


Why don’t you think they should create a liquidity pool?

I guess it should go to the people who did trades via incognito on uniswap.

I don’t think UNI token needs to be focus here. Just one person’s opinion.

The team seems to also need funds…this is a reward for their work to build the integration…and if they have more funds it can help delay plans to reduce incentives here for users to participate.

I agree with the point that who trades via incognito on uniswap will get the reward, not all of us


In this case all the other UNI tokens should have gone to Metamask as well instead to the users.

I know in the past exchanges have not always recieved airdrops, so I guess that should be the first thing to establish.

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Maybe in the future, we’ll recieve PRV as an airdrop for who used PDEX at the begining


If the team has the marketing plan for it, just a small amount of PRV, not 1000$ like UNI had done before, but it could make noise for more people know about Incognito

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I’m not even sure they recieved the airdrop, it has been neither confirmed or denied :woman_shrugging:

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Yes some of my friend received airdrop from UNI, hope Incognito has a plan for PRV too

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Your friend receiving it and an exchange receiving it are not the same thing…until there is confirmation from the team I’m not sold that they received it

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Heya, it was answered in this thread:

Hope that sheds some light!


Thanks ning, I suspected as much.

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