What does the parameter "TOTAL SHARD BLOCKS" stand for ?

Hello @Support, what does the parameter TOTAL SHARD BLOCKS indicate ? Is there any RPC call that i can use to get this value ? Can anyone tell me if “TOTAL SHARD BLOCKS- 15239807” is the correct value for our mainnet? I know the figure will update by the time someone replies to the message but still it would be great to know if the value mentioned above is correct or closer to the correct value.

Hey @anirudh.chauhan,

I dont think TOTAL SHARD BLOCKS mean much, from where you get this term? give me a screenshot, maybe?

What you should looking for is latest block height of each shard, you can check here https://mainnet.incognito.org/

or call the RPC

curl --location --request POST 'https://mainnet.incognito.org/fullnode' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{  

-1 mean Beacon, and other shards from 0 to 7

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