What coins can I buy prv without a transaction fee in the form of prv?

How am I supposed to buy prv with other coins if I’m charged a fee (prv) that I don’t have. This is ridiculous

Not to mention I’ve been waiting over a month for my node to arrive.


There is a public faucet that will provide enough free PRV to accomplish this. Just search for “faucet” and you will find it.


As @jtmerchant included in his reply, please use the following faucet to get the small fee amount of PRV to facilitate your transaction: http://incfaucet.org/

The Original post related to the Faucet project itself is outlined here: Incognito Mainnet Faucet (production already)

Hope this helps!

I’ll let someone from the core team respond to your question about the pnode.


With the DAI discount deal we sold way more Nodes than anticipated. We simply ran out of Nodes. It takes some time to get the stock back up.

Sorry for this delay. You should have received an email informing you about this.

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