What causes transactions to fail?

Hello; I initiated a trade and it behaved normally before failing quietly in the background. The funds were never converted and I lost the attractive trade rate. The failure occurred with no notice or warning. I have found a record of the failed transaction in my Trade History but it provides no clarification about the cause of the failure. This was a lost opportunity and I am hoping to better understand what happened. @Support


There is a promised minimum amount you get with each trade, if that is not met, due to other trades happening before it is your turn for example, the trade will fail.


As I remember there is only a notification about “balance updated”. You are right, it is nice to have something like: “Trade is done/ Trade is reverted/ etc…”.

Also, Jamie advised correctly. The price you see when putting the order can be different from the price when it is executed due to changes in pool.

I’ve came across the same error this morning (EST). I have tried to initiate another trade but it states that it’s in the middle of a trade and I have to wait for the transaction to finish.

Is there a remedy for this?

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