What are the risks of keeping bitcoin in provide?

What is the difference there vs earn?

What are the risks involved? If there is ever a possibility of a bank-run or hack?

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Earn is on chain, Provide is off chain.

I believe there are risks involved with any chain, project, etc. I personally use both Earn and Provide.

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Thanks, what are some risks of both? Like examples? I’m assuming what I said about a bank run or hack could be possible, anything else?

Between on chain and off chain which is safer vs more risky?

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Provide is centralized which is managed by some members of the team. Earn is more decentralized because it’s on the blockchain.

Bank-run could happen with Provide because it is centralized, just like what happened with FTX or Incognito’s sister company MyConstant. Earn is on-chain and is subject to impermanent loss just like other DEXes. Provide doesn’t have such loss.


Mutlisig is used to prevent this from happening.

Myconstant is not Incognito’s sister company. We did a social media cross promotion with them in the past. I believe they used to run Incognito nodes many years ago and allow their users to invest in PRV.


Thanks for the clarification on the differences!

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Maybe I misunderstood.

No, multisig cannot prevent this from happening.

I misunderstood your attack vector that you were mentioning.