Weekly Update Newsletter 06/02/20

What a week! Here’s your update:

The June PRV Holders Call is tomorrow! Join us at 11 am Eastern to get the in-depth review of May results and our targets for June. RSVP and leave your questions here.

Member updates

  • Providing liquidity for any PRV pair now yields rewards. Check out the Liquidity Rewards Program v2.

  • You now have more control over what you create for Incognito. See what changed.

  • Trading volume in the DEX broke $1.2M, and $1.88M worth of crypto was shielded. See the full monthly letter to PRV holders for more.

  • Our June targets are live. Take a look to see what’s coming this month.

Core development

  • pKyber is launching soon. Are you ready for privacy for DeFi?

  • With Web v2, we’re experimenting with a new landing page, coming soon. We’ve also reorganized the site. Have you seen it yet?

  • The Incognito app is going to get some upgrades. Take a look at what’s changing, and when, here.

  • Community member @Josh_Hamon is building a bot for Node status push notifications. Go let him know what you think!

Other newsworthy happenings

  • The Incognito Library is live! Now you can find all the info you need in one place.

  • @inccry’s Network Explorer had 3 updates, and now includes custom token support, precise trade prices, and the evolution of transaction counts.

That’s about it for this week, but there’s plenty more to find elsewhere, here at incognito.org.

Don’t forget to post your project to earn rewards for building Incognito.

Have a great week!


Is that the new logo?! I like it a lot, sorry if that was announced.

Is the hi res available? I can start using that design for the next round of shirts.


Not the new logo, just something I made to make the weekly updates a bit more interesting! Sorry for the confusion. But thanks! Feel free to use it anyway, of course.


Thank you! Nice news!


I made the newsletter! #achievementunlocked

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