Weekly Update Newsletter 05/26/20

Hey everyone! Here’s another weekly update.

Listing in the DEX is completely free for all ERC20 and BEP2 tokens. Projects can add their token in under 20 minutes and give their users total freedom and privacy. Know a project that needs listing? Show them how to list a token.

The June PRV Holders Call is Wednesday, June 3rd, @ 11 a.m. Eastern! Don’t miss this chance to get the latest on May results and our targets for April. RSVP and leave your questions here.

Product updates

  • The DEX got a remodel! Update your app to access DEX v2 and trade from any of your Incognito accounts. No more pesky deposits/withdrawals!

  • Node Pool returns have dropped to 37% to reflect growth in the network.

  • Some say the Node setup process has evolved significantly. Let them know if you agree.

  • What do you think about the new DEX? Is it great, could it be better? Jump in this conversation to let your voice be heard.

Projects and proposals

Other newsworthy happenings

  • Congrats to Empow.io for confirming your new listing on the Incognito DEX!

  • Thank you for editing or adding your app store reviews! Incognito’s ratings have risen 25% in the last week.

If you want to take part in this ideation and innovation, head to incognito.org.

You can also create a proposal to get funded to solve problems.

Have a great week!