Weekly Update Newsletter 05/05/20

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(Shield volume to date)

Thanks to you, April was quite a success. Read the PRV Holders Letter to see how we beat shielding goals by 315%, added 316 new validators, saw liquidity exceed $2M+ – and much more.

Don’t forget: The monthly PRV Holders call is tomorrow!

Join us on May 6 at 11 am Eastern as we celebrate April wins, discuss May strategies, and answer your questions. Post your questions in advance and get more event details here.

Now, what happened last week at incognito.org? Too much for just one post!

Projects and proposals

  • Incognito DEX v2 will make trading easier. See what’s changing.
  • Would you wear Incognito swag? Share your thoughts (or designs) here!
  • The network grew by hundreds of validators last month, and we’re not stopping there! Read the proposal to add 400 new nodes in May.

Product updates

Other newsworthy happenings

  • We’re the top privacy project by dev activity, according to Coincodecap.
  • The community is taking charge in discussions! Debate these ideas about the tokenomics of PRV.
  • Having trouble deciding between the different Node and staking options? Explore this highly-detailed comparison by user @Mike_Wagner.

P.S. Special Update: Incognito is experimenting with zero trading fees in the pDEX this month. This does not affect node earnings. It is to offer more freedom and reinforce our user-first stance. Read @Duy’s explanation for more info.

Create a proposal and get funded to build the future.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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