Weekly Update Newsletter 04/28/20

Is it Tuesday already? Sheesh. Well, here’s your weekly update!

But first: pDEX liquidity rewards have increased!

Grow your crypto by providing liquidity for any PRV pair above. Don’t miss out on 62.7% APR on PRV, 8.5% APR on ETH, 8% APR on USDT, and more. Get started here.

Now here’s the latest from your friendly neighborhood incognito.org:

Projects and proposals

  • We’re trying to double the community size. Invite your friends to share their thoughts/questions!

  • The effort to grow the network has resulted in over 100 new nodes.

  • Share your thoughts on this proposal to complete the web-based Incognito Wallet sooner.

Product updates

  • Node Pool has been a smashing success. Over 300,000 PRV has been staked so far. Add yours and earn 57% APY!

Other newsworthy happenings

Oh, and the PRV Holders Call is next Wednesday at 11 am Eastern Time. Come chat with us, we can’t wait! RSVP at the poll here.

Prefer to DIY? Create a proposal to make something awesome.

Make a post on incognito.org! We’re waiting to hear what you have to say.

Go forth and conquer, and have a great week.


Cointelegraph article is actually big!

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No need to sound so surprised! :wink:

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