Weekly Update Newsletter 04/21/20

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Time for another weekly update.

First things first, you should know:

You can now earn 57% on your PRV with the new Node Pool. No minimum stake, withdraw any time, and access it right from your Incognito Wallet. It’s the easiest way to earn on your PRV without a node.

Now, here’s a glimpse of the past week at incognito.org:

Projects and proposals

  • We’ve exceeded our shield volume goal by $270k, and added 93 new validators! Check out the rest of our April goals.
  • Monero users are flocking to Incognito. Add your feedback to the proposal behind it.
  • Engineers are testing solutions for NAT traversal to achieve operational decentralization for Incognito. Let them know your thoughts.

Product updates

  • Node devices using funded staking now earn 10% more!
  • pKyber is live on the testnet! Explore Incognito Mode for smart contracts and private Kyber transactions.

Other newsworthy happenings

Create a proposal to share your ideas and get rewarded for bringing them to life.

Seriously, if you’re not participating here at incognito.org, you’re missing out.

Enjoy your week!


@aaron Friend thanks!
After all, we will all change this world for the better together!