Weekly Privacy Newsletter 9.21.22

Quick Take

  • Exposure: Incognito was mentioned by Telos Foundation, you can check out the Tweet here!

  • Infrastructure: A new protocol code update for Incognito Chain’s 1st Blocktime Reduction and Improvements for pEthereum has been released. If you are a node operator, please make sure your nodes are on the latest code version.

  • Web-based Products: The wallet extension has been submitted to Chrome store for review. Also, the web-based Swap is also ready for a launch once the wallet extension is approved and published.

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Technical Developments :construction_worker_man:


Web-based Products

  • Wallet Extension: with Manifest V3 has been submitted to Chrome store for review. The team got a couple of feedback from reviewer. Another submit for solving those feedback has also been pushed. Can’t wait to see the wallet extension is officially released on the store.

  • Web-based Swap: is ready as well. The only thing left is waiting for the wallet extension to be released on the Chrome store.

Growth Efforts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Partnership: The Growth Team has been expanding their effort re-touching with our partners to update progress, status and expand our partnership if possible with Cypherpunk Guild, Telos and many more.

  • Exposure: Incognito was mentioned in the recent tweet with Telos Foundation, Telos is one of our partners, Telos is a high-performance L1 and the home to the fastest EVM. Telos is built for speed and scalability making it the ideal network for mainstream adoption, you can read more about our partnership with Telos here.

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around.