Weekly Privacy Newsletter 8.24.22

Quick Take

  • :building_construction: Infrastructure: Instant Finality v2 is going to be released on the mainnet this week! Check out the forum post to see what the new version is capable of.

  • :globe_with_meridians: Web-based Swap: is being upgraded to integrate with our privacy dApp.

  • :computer: Validators: We have successfully set up the virtual machine in Threefold Testnet, and our plan is to work together to help users have more options in staking vNodes

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Technical Developments :construction_worker_man:

The only notable progress in Technical Development this week is Instant Finality V2 which is being released this week after multiple thorough testing rounds on devnet and testnet. As mentioned in previous newsletters, Instant Finality V2 will reduce ~40s (aka a blocktime) for Swap (with outchain DEXs such Uniswap, PancakeSwap, etc) and Unshielding functions.

Another network performance improvement is Blocktime Reduction (to 20s). It will also be released soon on mainnet after Instant Finality V2.

Development for other major initiatives such as web-based products (wallet extension and web-based swap), and new bridges are still ongoing. We will update you once we have visible things to show for these.

Growth Efforts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Validator: We have successfully set up the VM in Threefold Testnet. The internal team will collaborate to prepare Mainnet deployment together with a User Guideline so that everyone can use Threefold’s infrastructure to run the vNodes.

  • Partnerships: We are still discussing with Akash Network and Flooyd core team in order to provide more options for our users to host and stake vNodes.

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around.