Weekly Privacy Newsletter 7.26.22

Quick take

  • :fire: Exposure: Incognito x NEAR bridge is mentioned in the NEAR medium post! You don’t know about it? Check it out here!

  • :building_construction: Infrastructure: We are going to release the storage pruning on the mainnet this week alongside a tutorial on how to clean up unnecessary data for your nodes will be published as well.

  • :new: New product: The long-awaited Unified Privacy Token was released last Thursday! Please check out this forum post to get a hold of what pUnified tokens could do!

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Technical Development :construction_worker_man:


  • Storage Pruning: We are going to prune our storage in mainnet this week, check this post about our storage pruning here.

Web-based products

  • The alpha version of Incognito Web App along with Incognito Wallet Extension will be released this week for alpha user testing. Also, the team is updating the extension’s code to comply with Google Extension Store’s requirements. A tutorial on how to use functions on the web will be published this week as well, stay tuned!

Unified Privacy Tokens

  • Unified Privacy Tokens: The newest Incognito feature was released last Thursday, check this post to see what it could do.

Growth Efforts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Partnership: Incognito had an AMA session with Cypherpunk Guild last week! We were discussing privacy on NEAR as well as Incognito’s vision for NEAR’s ecosystem!

  • Awareness: Our Growth Team is reaching out and discussing with Messari.io for publishing Incognito to their site. Also, we are reaching out to hosting websites like Threefold and Staking-as-a-service websites like Chorus One, Unagi, and P2P to find out a way to expand the validator network.

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around :wave: