Weekly Privacy Newsletter 7.19.22

Quick take

  • :fire: Exposure: AMA with Cypherpunk Guild is scheduled to live on Thursday! You can check it out here!

  • :globe_with_meridians: Listings: PRV is listed on CoinDiscovery and CoinMooner, check it out and vote for PRV!

  • :closed_lock_with_key: Privacy Unified Tokens: pUnified Tokens protocol is affected on the mainnet as over 90% of nodes in the network have updated the its code. Planned maintenance is scheduled here for supporting the pUnified Tokens on the mobile app.

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Technical Development :construction_worker_man:


  • Validator: A new chain’s code has been released for pUnified Tokens protocol. Make sure your Nodes are upgraded to the latest tag 20220714_1. You can read more about it here.

  • Storage Pruning: We have been pruning our database on the testnet and the team’s finished a benchmark with at least 60% storage saved due to release next week, you can read about pruning here.

Unified Privacy Tokens

  • Privacy Unified Tokens: pUnified Tokens protocol is live on the mainnet, and the new mobile app version was submitted to the app store for review. Please refer to this forum post on our update, and planned maintenance is scheduled here.

Growth Efforts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Validators: The Incognito network has been growing from 2398 validators in June to 2883 validators as of July 19, 2022, which is more than 400 new validators in a month! Despite that, Incognito still has an attractive APR - up to 83%! You can see here.


  • Community: Incognito is going to have an AMA session with Cypherpunk Guild! We are going to talk about privacy on NEAR! You can see this Twitter post for more info!

  • Listings: PRV has been listed on CoinDiscovery and CoinMooner, you can help us by voting for PRV here!

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around.


Hang on… what is that reward estimator based on? 120% in December is total bullshit. :joy:

Okay we got the issue, there is an error in the APR formula that applied for both 32 and 48 committee sizes, we are fixing it for the old months (when committee size was 32) but it’s correct for the recent months (after committee size increased to 48)


I guessed as much. I think @Mike_Despo and I were around 16-17 PRV/week at the start of the year. Before block production v3 and committee size change. That’s roughly 50% APR which was good back then. Pre-slashing it was even lower. How things change! :smiley:

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