Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 6.7.22

Quick take

  • :fireworks: Exposure: Incognito is featured on the Top 5 of #EOSIO Moments Of The Week and joined in AMA of AutoFarm Network as a special guest.

  • :world_map: Worldwide Integration: Last week, AutoFarm and Telos chose privacy. $AUTO and $TLOS are ready to shield, trade, and earn profit.

  • :new: New Listing: Incognito ($PRV) is listed on Earlycoin.io. Do not hesitate to leave an impression about Incognito!

Recent Developments

:construction_worker_man: Infrastructure

  • Instant Finality: A detailed explanation about how Instant Finality can speed up the transaction processing time is published. Read the document >

:black_circle: Privacy apps

  • Unified pToken (or Privacy Multi-chain): Implementation of the On-Demand serving mechanism has been done. Read about the details >

:iphone: Incognito app

Upcoming Developments

Technical developments

  • Incognito <> NEAR bridge: The developments of both the back-end and app front-end are almost done. The product demo is estimated to be published within the next week.

  • Wallet Extension: A beta version will be released next week. Users who want to experience the first product of Incognito in the web-based environment can try it out.

Growth Efforts

  • :man_technologist: Validators Expansion: In June 2022, the Growth team will focus on growing the number of validators for the network. Check out the new proposal >

  • :wave: On-boarding new users: Find it hard to understand what Incognito is? Rest assured, we are working on Introductory Video and introducing a New Category dedicated to new users.

  • :desktop_computer: Network explorer: Explorer v.2 will be ready to use on mobile devices and more metrics about trades will be shown in the next version. Stay updated with the latest release >

Need your help

Do you know any reliable staking/ master node website that you think PRV and our Node staking should be listed on? Please let us know.

Thank you and see you around.