Weekly Privacy Newsletter 6.14.22 - Get ready for Wallet Extension

Quick take

  • :camera_flash: Exposure: Incognito is featured on the Fantom Universe channel.

  • :handshake: Partnership: Regardless of the bear market of cryptocurrency, more and more projects assist in choosing privacy power. Last week, Liquid Driver, Impossible Finance, Horizon, and Garlicoin joined the Incognito privacy hub. That being said, $LQDR, $IF, $IDIA, $HZN, and $GRLC are ready to shield, trade, and earn profit.

  • :new: New product: A beta version of Incognito’s 1st Wallet Extension will be ready for use this week.

Recent Developments :desktop_computer:


  • Instant Finality: The feature is in the final testing round and will be officially released next week. Meanwhile, if you have not noticed how much Instant Finality can reduce the transaction processing time, you are invited to read this document >

Privacy apps

  • Unified pToken: The protocol development has been done and is now being integrated with a mobile application. If you question how Unified pToken can benefit you, we have a 3-Min read document ready for you. Check it out >

Upcoming Developments :construction_worker_man:

Technical developments

  • NEAR bridge: As promised, a product demo will be ready within this week. If you are interested in NEAR tokens and support the NEAR <> Incognito cross-ecosystem, do not forget to set the alarm for the demo!

Growth Efforts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Growth validators: The progress of PR and Listing sites is still on track. Check out the updated status >

  • Data query: Explorer v.2 is now ready to use on mobile devices, along with a few more essential data of the network. See what’s new >

Need your help :handshake:

Did you know, that the APR of becoming an Incognito validator is huge right now? According to a community member, it is at ~80% APR! :prv: :rocket: :new_moon:

Therefore, we need your help in recommending us to some qualified staking groups/conversations/staking listing sites. If you happen to know some of them, please let us know. Thank you!

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution to the network and community.

See you around.