Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 5.28.21

Hey everybody,

I would like to update the community about the progress of development so that everyone can know what’s going on at the Incognito project.

  • We’ve prepared the released code (or Docker tag for those who running nodes with Docker) for a protocol upgrade. As a lesson learned from the previous incident that caused syncing issues for a majority of community nodes, this time we’ve published the code upgrade announcement on the forum prior to applying it to the Incognito validators so that node owners can aware, update and keep their nodes running correctly.

  • A staging app for the decentralized ETH/ERC20 shielding process has been released for Android users. You can now give it a try to learn how it works prior to an official app version is rolled out. This is another step towards decentralization as defined in our roadmap.

  • There were also some interesting initiatives such as Binance Smart Chain bridge and pDEX redesign for more capital efficiency started recently. We will keep the community updated once we have something to show.

  • Finally, maybe we will need to delay a bit for enabling slashing due to the community node issues. Although @khanhj, @0xkumi, and someone else have supported node owners really actively, we still need more time to solve all node issues out.

Thanks again for still being here.


Thank you @duc and the dev team for holding off for a bit on the slashing aspect that was to be implemented in the month of June until all the issues with both vNodes and pNodes are resolved and therefore the chance of accidental slashing of Nodes is avoided…thank you thank you to the duc and dev teams for having rethought the decision… :100: :partying_face: :sunglasses:

Just a little problem :slight_smile: Please remove the dot from the end of the link or here is the correct link: Incognito chain's code upgrade (tag: 20210531_1)

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Edited, thanks :wink: