Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 5.14.21

Hi everybody,

Hope you’re having a great weekend. It’s been 2 weeks since the last weekly update, so there are more things to talk about the progress this time.

For the Incognito app, we’ve finished two important improvements: ETH/ERC20 shielding and Provide. I believe with these two improvements, users will have much better experiences and it also helps relieve the burden for Support team from supporting the repeated issues so that they can focus on their main job: building privacy and decentralized Incognito.

And for the protocol side, we’ve also had significant upgrades:

  • Reducing block proposal and insertion processes’ overhead, especially pDEX. The syncing time is now much faster than the old one and this was an essential building block of the block-time reduction initiative.

  • New mempool flow that may help increase the throughput of the network, this was also the second building block of block-time reduction.

  • Staking flow v2 is now enabled.

We were excited about what we’ve done in the last couple of weeks. Besides development progress, we’re also super happy to realize that there still are big believers in the project who are willing to spend their money, time, and resource on the project in order to make it better. Thank you very much!


Thank you to the Incognito team. Keep the development going and your spirits high.


Thank you for the updates. I am thankful for them, and for the developers advancing this project.

I cannot wait to see incognitos final form!