Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 4.12.22

Hi privacy advocates, how have you been? :wink:

As you may know, our team is working hard on enhancing our infrastructure, integrating more useful dApps into the ecosystem, and boosting Growth activities overall. Now it is time to look back on our achievements and get to know our next steps.

Recent Developments

Incognito app

  • The app version 5.2.2 has been released and is available for both Android and iOS devices. This update will allow you to pay unshielding fees by pToken, and export your transaction records via CSV file. If you have not been aware of this update, take a look at this announcement.

Privacy apps

  • Thanks to the Incognito <> Fantom bridge, not only can you transfer FTM privately, but also have a chance to swap FTM to any of your favorite tokens without having to expose your identity. Be the first liquidity provider for FTM and get up to 20% APR on your contribution. Head over to the Earn tab in the app and start earning interest by providing liquidity.

  • pUnified Tokens: The protocol implementation is currently being tested in the local environment and bug fixing. The Privacy app team has finished UI/UX design and is working on the implementation. The team will publish the design on the forum to get feedback from the community this week.


  • Bulletproof improvement: Code-reviewing of the improvement has been done without critical issues and is now scheduled for the testing phase. This is estimated to go live in Q2 (May - July) 2022.

    Would you like to read more about this improvement? Feel free to check out our document.

  • Fixed node dominance reduction by increasing max committee to 48:
    a protocol update has been released to reduce the threshold required (85% instead of 98%) for the important infrastructure change to be effective. This would be a big step toward decentralization of the Incognito project, so please get your nodes up-to-date with the latest docker tag.

Upcoming Developments

Incognito web extension

  • The team is working on UI/UX design as well as proof of concept for the web extension. Because of Incognito’s privacy nature and security reasons, the interaction between the wallet web extension and web-based privacy apps (i.e. Incognito exchange, pUniswap, pPancakeSwap, etc) would be different from common wallet extensions like Metamask. We will publish all documents relating to the initiative on the forum soon for feedback.


  • Ring signatures: The team is planning to do research on other ring signature schemes (e.g, CLSAG, RingCT3) to help increase the ring size and lower the verification time for better privacy.

Growth Efforts

  • Last week, we had calls with the Polygon and Fantom team where we were looking for adding a liquidity pool for MATIC and FTM coins, as well as the plan to integrate with more dApps built on those chains. Which dApps do you love the most and want to use within the Incognito app? Let us know. We’re all ears.

    Also, the teams came to the agreement that we would proceed with cross-marketing initiatives together. Let’s stay engaged with our Twitter channel for the upcoming collaborated tweets.

  • Calls with Beam and Liquid Driver team have also been scheduled for this week. We will update the community on the results after the call.

  • In addition, the Growth team will start to apply for grant programs around DeFi and Web 3.0 implementation. Should you notice any grant opening or hackathon contest that Incognito can suit well, please let us know.

  • We made an intuitive video about how to shield (deposit) and unshield (withdraw) tokens on the Incognito app. If you know a friend who is new to Incognito, feel free to share with them this tutorial.

And last but not least, the voting round of the Solana hackathon is still open. If you are supporting the privacy layer for Solana, and have not voted yet, please take a few seconds to vote for the Incognito proposal. Your vote is really valuable and motivates our developers a lot.

That’s all for this week.

See you around