Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 3.23.21

Last week marked a massive shift in the Incognito project.

If you missed it, we’re now focused completely on decentralization and releasing the network, and have stopped all side projects until that goal is accomplished. This means you’ll see more trustless solutions, and have more influence over the network in the coming months.

We’re also taking the opportunity to rethink other aspects of the project. We’ve changed the forum for greater transparency, for example. I’ll also be reimagining all of our regular communications, like this weekly update, the monthly letter, the PRV Holders Call, etc. If there’s a change in any of these things that you’d like to see, send me a personal message or reply to this update.

Now, here’s your final weekly update (of this style):

Project updates

There’s a lot of good reading in those links, so be sure to spend some time getting up to speed. It’s a new day for Incognito, and it’s important that you’re a part of this fresh start.

Have a woke-up-without-your-alarm kind of week,



It would be nice to have a hub where we could post questions just prior to the monthly call after the decks are released. That way there isn’t a barrage of questions that could easily be addressed within the presentation and allow for some more finely tuned post-presentation questions.


Seeing this update reminded me to bring this again. Since we are focusing on decentralising everything and not having as much Bells and whistles yet.

Why not utilise some of the tools from Orion protocol to help with liquidity and other aspects of incognito?

No need to reinvent the wheel if somebody else has a very good working product. Perhaps use utilising some of their protocol will help us off load Some of the areas we are working on so that we can focus on privacy and decentralisation?

They have built dev kits for helping out other block chains.
They have bitcoin binance ethereum polkadot, ada, elrond, avalanche integration either active or coming on line in q2.


I did more digging…

  1. pDEX
  2. Incognito Pay
  3. And web extensions

Can all be solved with orion protocol very easily.
This would free up time and energy for incognito devs to focus on

  1. Security
  2. Speed
  3. Decentralzation
  4. Interoperability/bridges

The world desperately need an excellent layer 2 privacy solution and soon. I hope this info helps


I think the goal is to have an Incognito ecosystem that can provide for its own needs. Would Orion protocols limit what we can do with privacy? I’m not sure, but I’d suggest posting about this in the brainstorm category.


Normally that takes place in the comments of the PRV holders call announcement. Or do you mean something else?

I guess maybe more for a topic that might not be in the deck so presenters aren’t caught off guard.

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