Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 3.14.22

Hello :incognito: Incognito Community Members,

If you have not already read over the Q1 update please do so there is a ton of useful information available: Incognito’s Q1 2022 Update.

Recent Developments

  • App Version 5.1.6 - Minor bug fixes for pUniswap. This update will be done automatically on app launch.

  • :solana: Solana Hackathon

    The Incognito dev team is entering into the Solana hackathon competition. Read about the competition here: Solana Hackathon 2022.
    By participating this competition, the team expect to draw more attention with Solana development team, new Bridge integration for Solana <> Incognito, as well as provide privacy for Solana network.

    Completed so far:
    :white_check_mark: Finished Slide Deck
    :white_check_mark: Prepare Devnet Env
    :white_check_mark: Shield & Un-Shield Solana
    :white_check_mark: Trading via Raydium


  • Block Production v3 - was released on March 6th. Node operators will see a slight increase in node rewards due to the new methods laid out in the post.

  • Unified Tokens - Architecture design and documentation have been completed. Working on internal release and understanding and then the dev team will begin working on implementation.

  • Privacy improvement - We are working on the privacy transaction verification improvement, which initial benchmarks indicate a 400% reduction in verification time. This is higher than originally anticipated which is a good start for later improvement on reducing block time.

  • Blockchain storage reduction - The final code is committed and under code review. The team is preparing Testnet environment for benchmarking and defining metrics to analyze if its performance reach our expected goals.

Upcoming Developments

Privacy Apps

  • :curve: pCurve - will be released later this week in accordance with our released timeline. App users will be able to access and trade/swap on pCurve anonymously, the same way as pPancake and pUniswap.


  • :fantom: Fantom Bridge - The protocol and backend are complete. Testing is underway via Testnet and it is planned to be released next week.


  • Later this week we will see the committee size increase to 48 slots. This will allow more nodes per epoch. TLDR; node rewards will look decreased, however, the rate at which nodes are selected will increase. This was previously discussed here.

Growth Efforts

  • :firo: Firo (BEP20) was added to the app. The :firo: Firo team & community have made 2 pools available.

    :firo: <> :prv:
    :firo: <> :bsc:

That wraps up our newsletter for the week of March 15th, 2022. Please remember to follow us on Twitter and leave a review on the app store. Great things are coming within the weeks ahead, thank you for your support!


The communication from the team has been a very welcomed turnaround. The roadmap timeline is ambitious but it’s great to see things rolling out on time. Thank you kindly for all your hard work team!

:prv: :prv: :prv:


NICE - Looking forward to having SOL in incognito!


The future is bright. I need :sunglasses:.