Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 3.07.22

Hello Incognito Supporters,

Here is the summary of development progress last week. If you want to see Q1 roadmap, please check out this post Incognito’s Q1 2022 Update.

Recent Developments

App Version 5.1.5 - included pPancake bug fixes and improvements, especially, the Master Seed Phrase store methodology.

Security hardening for backend services - added more communication rules for databases on staging and production.

Privacy Markets

Instruction for trading non-verified pDEX pools: we made a post showing step by step to use incognito-cli tool for making trades. Thereby, advanced users can interact with incognito-chain protocol directly with more freedom.

Privacy Apps

  • pUniswap - has just been launched, come trade anonymously on Uniswap V3 via Incognito’s pUniswap and receive rewards from DAO for doing so.


Upcoming Developments

Privacy Apps

  • pCurve - Its development has been completed, this feature is under testing and bugs fixing and planned to launch next week.


  • The fixed node dominance reduction - The protocol code for auto enable protocol and fixed node dominance reduction up to 46% was deployed on testnet and still under testing and bugs fixing, these are planned to launch by the end of the March.

Growth Efforts

Coin/Project Partnerships - an AMA between Incognito and MyConstant was held in a metaverse environment, check out the recording here. Also, Incognito was working with Firo team to get FIRO (BEP20) listed on Incognito exchange.

Thank you!